I invent nothing, I rediscover.

— Auguste Rodin

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wellness seminars

wellness workshop at Saddle Mountain Lumby BC




I have always been interested in living a more natural lifestyle. So, I jumped at the opportunity to learn from Michelle. She seems to know everything about everything! It’s as though she knows about each plant that grows in British Columbia. The subject matter that was covered was varied and incredibly deep. Not only did I become closer to my international friends, but I found a deeper understanding of myself. The fresh air was just what I needed to unwind and get away from it all. We went on a few hikes, learnt about the land and experienced the beautiful scenery. And I doubt that I will ever forget the birds. Hundreds of humming birds surround the house every evening at dusk to feast on about fifty feeders. My favorite however, was learning how to make ‘brain balls’. These little balls help you to focus and give you energy. A weekend was just not enough time, there is still so much that Michelle can teach me. I am already planning my next visit! Or should I say my next “active-learning vacation”.

~Hailey Marie Douma

Complete Heath talks Schedule for 2013 coming soon

Cherryville Talks

Parents and tots  program located at the Cherryville Hall –

Part one self care workshop

Feb.27,2013  Wed 10-12 noon

– Part two planning your time well to include self care

March 6th,2013 Wed 10-12 noon

sponsored by Silver Hills bakery and Whitevalley resource center


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bones science fair 2012                   Bones science fair project with Lilian
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