I invent nothing, I rediscover.

— Auguste Rodin

Workshops, play shops & programs


*Hands on Healing…. tool making workshop
Make healing tools with simple house hold items.  Learn where pressure points are for your greater health. A fusion of shiatsu and biology allow you to gain wisdom in self care techniques through body awareness.
A quiet workshop to sooth the senses. We will need a 200 square ft area to sit and stretch. Each participant will learn through simple breathing one can achieve a lighter over all feeling. Combining gentle range of motion with pressure point tools aid the participant to release tensions and walk away energized yet relaxed. Each person needs to bring blanket to sit upon. 
This workshop can be 1 hr or 2 hrs in length
*Movement-O Workshop
Teaching movement through words and action. Range of motion through word is the dance one will learn. Balance is the key to grace….learn through poi,hoops and ribbon dances to gain grace in movement.
I will supply poi , ribbons and hoops: a bit of space is needed. Get ready to move and learn balance & coordination  with hoops poi & ribbons  MR. Bones will help those who wish to understand the human movements at a deeper level. 
This workshop can be  1 hr -2 hrs in length

 *Awareness Workshop –way word walk about

Each participant will be paired up. This exercise is done with a blind fold. A test in clear listening to specific guided instructions. This 2 hour workshop touches on how to develop new communication skills, by listening in an wilderness walk about.

Personal Goal Collage

Using glue ,scissors, recycled magazines create a unique vision of your future.
Take an hour of your stay to enjoy a simple creative hands on exercise that you can take home as a personal reminder from your weekend.

Influence builder workshop

Visuals are great tools to include while you are building character. Teens love this workshop. A large piece of paper is supplied allowing you to outline your body. The each participant is asked “what are the things you have influencing you”
Using your imagination through writing, drawing or pasting pictures. a host of visuals surround the outline of your body. Cause and effect conversations build easily in this workshop. The influences which shape us are seen from a new awareness.
A second question is asked ”What other influences would you like to include help shape your in character, mental health and spirit”
Our teens are exposed to so much with the information high. Discernment of how to value those influences is the reason this workshop was designed. “We can chose to have specific influences we just have to think of what they can be”

Chakra Workshop

This workshop teaches the inner workings of where chakras are and how they operate. A  guided meditative breathing exercise called strumming the rainbow allows you to get in touch with areas that are blocked.

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