Angel Being


Angel Being

by Michelle Saurette 2003

Rise up all you angels shine light on the now

Create a path for them to know how

Rise up all you angels in the light of the moon
Know in your heart’s they will understand soon
Sparkle in the dark, give a glimpse of true love
Gather and condense energy’s from above

Acknowledge your power from within your spirit
And sing it out loud so all can hear it
Shatter the shadows with frequency so fast
So forgiveness of wrongs will heal the past
Change perceptions of the how’s and the why’s (wise)
Let them know we have heard their cries

Rise up all you angels you know who you are
Trust in your heart, we are from one star
Realize that your different no better at all
Let your wings open wide and you will never fall

Embrace the resistance know you’ll soar high
Beam your true glow and never ask why


more coming soon