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— Carolynn Myss

Water Blessings



Join me on EARTH DAY April 22 each year at  9 AM

On the Shuswap river for a water blessing ceremony in Cherryville BC

Call for directions 250- 547-2138

The Sisterhood of the Planetary Water Rites has been brought together through Spirit as a dedicated voice for our waters.

Our mission is to teach, to support and to be a unifying force for ceremonies to bless, purify, balance, and restore our planet’s waters and natural water systems so that they will always be clean and fresh water for all.

Under this Mission our vision will be teaching the importance of our waters, water ceremonies and why this is so urgent at this time.

We hold the vision for unity and gathering of like-minded ones with the same intent and purpose to grow larger every day, and invite you to join our vision. There is power in numbers.

We will be a dedicated Mother base for information on activities in areas through the world.

We will offer assistance with directing knowledge and tools if there is a need to learn more about a certain ceremony or Water Blessing. Guidelines will be given on individual needs and beliefs so that each ceremony will be created to suit ones personal preference without cultural boundaries.

At this time we are governed by The Bear Clan of Medicine Creek Métis and will adhere to their by-laws and constitution with honor and respect at all times.


We, the Sisterhood (and Brotherhood) of the Planetary Water Rites are stewards for the advancement of Mother Earth evidenced by our dedication to the following principles, tenets, precepts, and credo:

•  Knowing that our Sisterhood shares a Universal responsibility for one another and the planet we live upon

•  Honoring all life and making a sacred connection with each breath of air, each step upon our Earth, each use of water, and for every flame of fire

•  Advancing healing for ourselves, the Earth and all her inhabitants

•  Speaking as the voice for the Earth and all of the elements.

•  Living in harmony with others

•  Supporting our Circle as it develops its own enlightenment

•  Holding high integrity in our work and life

•  Listening intuitively for the voice of Grandmother’s and other Wisdom Keepers.

•  Living in the now for the betterment of the next 7 Generations

•  Working together to build a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society

•  Teaching through inspiration to all peoples a new honoring with a sense of shared responsibility through the traditions and ceremonies of all of our ancestors.

2013 Water Blessing Earth Day April 22 Shuswap river, Meadows

We shared knowledge on the many links we host in our water connections.








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